Allen Station Park | Softball Fields

Right in the heart of Allen, Texas lies Allen Station Park. A city park that draws outdoor and sports enthusiasts from all over the region. At Allen Station Park you'll find baseball and softball fields, a playground, trails, washer courts, a concrete skate park, BMX track, and roller hockey rinks.

The Edge Skatepark

Edge Skatepark Allen TX

Located on the south end of Allen Station Park, the Edge Skatepark and visitor center complex features a concrete skate park, two roller-hockey rinks, BMX track and Visitor Center. The skate park is one of the largest outdoor facilities of its kind in the state. Hours of operation for outdoor skate areas are from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. for all skate areas. The BMX track hours are from 8 a.m. to dusk. Use of the outdoor amenities is free and open to the public.

Softball Fields at Allen Station Park

Sports and tournament players choose to bring their games to Allen for lots of reasons. But one of the biggest is our city's commitment to quality, maintained fields. At Allen Station Park you'll find four artificial turf diamonds that make our softball tournament planners very excited. 

“Allen has always been a leader in developing cutting edge facilities and this facility is no different. There are fields in the metroplex that installed artificial turf, but this is the first of its kind where an entire complex has been installed,” said Tim Dentler, Assistant City Manager. “The synthetic turf will give the fields at Allen Station Park a more even play surface, will be more weather tolerant and will reduce the amount of maintenance necessary resulting in more available play time.” 

Our Artificial Turf Makes for Superior Player Safety

  • Superior playing surface means no more bumps, holes, or spots with missing grass which improves player safety from trips and falls.
  • Less maintenance eliminating the need for irrigation, fertilization, and mowing which increases play by 50% to 100%.
  • Minimal weather impact and no more muddy mess from spring thunderstorms which reduce game cancellations.

Click here to download our baseball and softball layout for Allen Station Park. 

Cottonwood Creek Bridge 1

A local favorite, Cottonwood Creek Trail, winds its way through Allen Station Park. The trail passes through Old Stone Dam to the North, a historic water reservoir built in 1873, and the Edge Skate park to the South. Plenty of space to take in nature and excite our solo explorers or families looking for a true trail experience. 

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