Where to Watch the Sunset in Allen

Where to Watch the Sunset in Allen

Watters Creek Village Sunset
Watters Creek

970 Garden Park Dr, Allen, TX 75013

If you want to have dinner and watch the sunset, Watters Creek Village has multiple restaurants with excellent views, like CRÚ Food & Wine Bar, the Lion & Crown PubThe Blue Fish, and Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. They’re right next to the Green, another ideal place to admire the scenery while letting your kids play in the adjacent treehouse play area. Keep an eye on the events calendar for upcoming experiences like the Concerts by the Creek concert series, which make sunsets here even more magical.

Photo credit: @photoplushkina on Instagram.

Bethany Lakes Park 

745 S Allen Heights Dr, Allen, TX 75002

Need a little peace and quiet? Bethany Lakes Park is a serene place to unwind. A paved trail that loops around the park, venturing past a Veteran’s Memorial and four different lakes where locals love to fish. If you have your poles (and your fishing permit), join in the fun and cast a line into the sunset. Bethany Lakes Park has a lot of picnic areas where you can sit back and enjoy dinner during sunset, or watch a live band at the Joe Farmer Recreation Center amphitheater during regular free events.

Celebration Park 

701 Angel Pkwy, Allen, TX 75002

With big, open fields and great views of the sky, this spacious park is the place to watch the sunset with your kid. Fly a kite, throw a Frisbee, or enjoy a game of good old-fashioned tag — perfect for burning off steam at the end of the day! Better yet, there’s an expansive playground and kidMania sprayground for where kids can play ‘till their hearts content. If you want to have fun at the sprayground, be sure to check the calendar before visiting (it’s open Thursday through Tuesday, May through September).

View from the roof of Topgolf in Allen, Texas. Photo credit: @shannoninthewild on Instagram.


1500 Andrews Pkwy, Allen, TX 75002

You don’t have to be a golf pro to enjoy sunset views from Topgolf’s rooftop patio. Even if you’ve never swung a golf club before, you’re sure to have fun. Reserve a bay with friends or family, enjoy delicious dinner and drinks, try your hand at golf, and watch the sky transition from shades of pink to fiery reds as the sun sets.

Photo credit: @wdc71 on Instagram.

Morgan Crossing Park 

1719 Chaparral Rd, Allen, TX 75002

Experience the sunset like a local by taking at this 4.2-acre refuge tucked away in a neighborhood. For the best view, park your car on Dakota Road on the east side of the lake and walk along the trail that leads to the park’s playground. This leisurely loop around the lake is quite peaceful, especially when the sun is setting in the background. There are also several benches along the trail, so if you want to take a break during your walk and appreciate the scenery (which you most likely will), there’s plenty of places to pause and soak it all in.

Bahama Buck’s

715 E Main St, Allen, TX 75002

There are plenty of great patios in Allen where you can watch the sky shift from bright blues to brilliant oranges, and Bahama Buck’s patio is one of the best! Not only will you get a great view of the sunset, but you’ll be able to end the day on a sweet note with one of Bahama Buck’s colorful shaved ice treats. Their covered patio is the perfect backdrop for an Insta-worthy picture.

Photo credit: @jacob_f06 on Instagram.

Suncreek Park

601 Alma Dr, Allen, TX 75013

Want to enjoy a short hike before catching the sunset? Suncreek Park is the place to go. This park offers easy access to a paved trail that leads into the Connemara Meadow Preserve, a 72-acre natural oasis. The Preserve closes at dusk, but you can meander through the meadow as the sun begins to set and arrive back at the park just in time to catch the Texas sky’s grand finale. When the sun slips below the horizon, look out across the field for another evening show: the twinkle of fireflies dancing below the night sky.

Watching the sunset is always a great way to end the day! If you snap some photos of the amazing Texas sky during golden hour, we’d love to see them.

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