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Meet the hometown talent competing at Allen Event Center, US Figure Skating

Posted on November 7, 2019 at 2:40 PM by Destination Innovate

One of the most anticipated events of the season: U.S. Figure Skating is coming to Texas for the first time and they've chosen Allen to host their Midwestern Sectional Singles and U.S. Pairs Final November 12-16, at Allen Event Center. Members of our local Dallas Figure Skating Club will be taking the ice in pursuit of a spot in the U.S Figure Skating Championships.

The Midwestern Sectional will showcase over 200 skaters vying for a coveted position in the Championships. 

The Dallas Figure Skating Club has 31 home club skaters who qualified for the Midwestern Sectional Singles Final and the US Pair Final. The club is the 3rd largest out of over 700 clubs in the United States and it boasts a membership of 800 skaters, four of them have qualified to go directly to Nationals. Since 1941, the DFSC has encouraged the development of competitive figure skating and has fostered amateur figure skating through its members.

We are very excited to spotlight some of our passionate and talented local skaters who have qualified for the competition:

In Midwestern Sectional Singles:

Alyssa Rich trains in Allen and qualified for her first Nationals in 2016.  She qualified 2017 nationals and was the 5th Best Novice Ladies skater in the US that year.  Due to injuries, she was not able to compete in 2018 Sectionals and Nationals.  Her determination and spirit overcame doctor’s predictions and she qualified for 2019 Nationals at the Junior level.  She will be competing in the Midwestern Sectional Singles at the senior level.  She is coached by Ann Brumbaugh and Ben Shroats in Allen.

Figure skater Stephanie Ciarochi will also join us this November. Stephanie has a long history at Nationals. Her achievements include: 2016 Juvenile girls - 1st place, 2017 Intermediate ladies - 1st place, and 2019 - Junior ladies - 12th place. This year she’s back as a senior lady and qualified through the National Qualifying Series to compete at the Midwestern Sectional Singles in hopes of once again qualifying for Nationals. 

Another local competitor is Ian Kirk. Like Alyssa Rich, he is also trained by Ann Brumbaugh and Ben Shroats in Allen. Ian is qualified to compete at the Midwestern Sectional Singles Final by the earning of the silver medal in the intermediate men’s event at regionals in Colorado. 

Virginia Liu’s debut in the Midwestern Sectionals is this competition. Her mother is an adult skater and coach, her brother, Alex Liu is also competing.  Virginia is a leader in Dallas Figure Skating Club, on the Junior Board and helps host club events.

Alex Liu, Virginia’s brother is competing in the Midwestern Sectionals as well. This Allen ISD junior hits the Allen Community ice rink at 6am each morning to prepare for these competitions. His mother, Christine Lee, is an adult skater and coach and his sister, Virginia Liu is also competing. This is an amazing family of figure skaters and a jewel to Allen’s community.

In Midwestern Sectional Pairs:

One unique Dallas pair team is Natasha Mishkutionok (Intermediate Ladies NQS 6th - BYE) and Daniel Tioumentsev (Novice Men’s NQS 5TH - BYE). Natasha is daughter to Natalia Mishkutionok, who won Olympic gold and Olympic silver, and is now coaching skaters in Farmers Branch.  Both skaters also qualified for Singles in the Midwestern Sectionals.  Two years ago, the pair won Nationals at the juvenile level.  

The DALLAS FIGURE SKATING CLUB had 27 skaters qualify plus another 4 who qualified to go directly to Nationals. 

DALLAS FSC Qualifiers to Midwestern Sectional Singles Final, U.S. Pair Final, U.S. Ice Dance Final

Amber Glenn - Senior Ladies NQS 2nd 

Stephanie Ciarochi- Senior Ladies NQS 5th - BYE

Alyssa Rich- Senior Ladies NQS 7th - BYE

Akane Eguchi - Senior Ladies NQS 8th - BYE

Emily Chan & partner Spenser Howe - Senior Pairs Silver

Jessica Lin – Junior Ladies’ NQS 1st – BYE

Nicole Chong - Junior Ladies silver

Anna Li - Junior Ladies bronze 

Alyssa Chan - Junior Ladies pewter

Max Zharkov – Junior Men’s NQS 4th – BYE

Katarina DelCamp and Partner Ian Somerville – Junior Dance NQS 2nd - BYE to DANCE FINAL

Tamnhi Huynh - Novice Ladies NQS 4th - BYE

Emily Mao - Novice Ladies silver

Amber Barth - Novice Ladies pewter 

Daniel Tioumentsev – Novice Men’s NQS 5TH - BYE

Alexander Liu – Novice Men’s NQS 6th - BYE

Nhat Viet Nguyen - Novice Men’s gold

Joshua Mori - Novice Men’s silver

Natasha Mishkutionok & Daniel Tioumentsev - Novice Pair Gold

Natasha Mishkutionok – Intermediate Ladies NQS 6th - BYE 

Lisa Zhu - Intermediate ladies Bronze 

Virginia Liu - Intermediate Ladies pewter

Janice Baek - Intermediate ladies 5th

Ian Kirk - Intermediate Men Silver 

Matthew Ho - Intermediate Men Pewter

Olivia Jacobs & Mathew Ho – Intermediate Pair NQS 2nd - BYE to PAIR FINAL

Olivia Jacobs - Juvenile Girls 5th

Jared Sedlis – Juvenile Boys NQS 3RD - BYE

Stephen Huang - Juvenile boys silver

Our Dallas Figure Skating Club is ready to slide those blades through ice! Make sure to come out and support our local talent. Tickets are available here , and parking is completely free

This event is great for the whole family. 

Don’t let this one slide - we look forward to cheering with you!