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Jun 23

A Summer Showdown You Won’t Want To Miss

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 9:29 AM by Cambria Jones

Cowboys. Bulls. Dirt. Bucking Chutes. Rock-n-Roll. On August 6, 2017, the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR) will roll into Allen Event Center with a premier velocity tour event, the Silvano Alves Challenge benefiting Boots for Troops, a Texas charity, marking the first-ever bull riding event to be hosted here. To help us understand a little more about what has been deemed as the fastest growing sport in America, professional bull riding, we met with one of the event producers, Jon Goetz of Goetz Realty & Development.

This event will bring 40 of the world’s best bull riders and bucking bulls for a night guaranteed to be filled with heart pounding, action packed entertainment.  Known as the toughest sport on dirt, professional bull riding is growing and changing and you’ll have a chance to witness it first hand here at our very own Allen Event Center. As Jon says, “this isn’t your daddy’s rodeo anymore.”

If you’ve never been to a bull riding event, be prepared to be astounded with the athleticism of both the bull riders and the bulls. This event is sure to keep the attention of an audience of all ages, complete fun for the entire family.

“It’s very intense and intriguing. I’ve never introduced anybody to the sport, whether they have a country background or not, that wasn’t just enthralled with watching it and wanting to know more about it,” explained Jon.

To get an idea of what to expect for our first-time attendees, we asked Jon to give us the basics (some bull riding 101 per se). “You’re going to see two hours of real bull riding. The best bulls go against the best riders in the world. The bulls are competing for a chance to win just like the riders. They know how to buck, spin and kick. And the rider has to stay on them for at least 8 seconds to qualify. This is a classic event,” he shared.

While eight seconds doesn’t sound very long, in reality it can feel like a lifetime when you’re trying to stay atop a 2,000lb bull that’s doing everything it can to buck you off. And don’t let their names fool you. You’ll hear them called everything from Honey Hush to Bushwhacker, but these bulls love their job and mean serious business. So, as you can imagine the riders are very tough and well trained. We wanted to know if they were real life cowboys and Jon confirmed, “These guys are as cowboy as they come.”

Just speaking to Jon, you can quickly tell he’s got a passion for PBR and bull riding. So, what got him into this sport? For him, it started back when he was a teenager. He saw the sport and was instantly hooked, mostly intrigued by the animals. He followed bull riding for nearly two decades before he and his wife, Natalie, met Stock Contractors, Casey and Lisa Cox of Swinging C Cattle Company. The four of them have become family-like friends and partnered to bring The Silvano Alves Challenge to town.

Before we concluded, we asked Jon what made him decide to bring the event here for the first time (because we sure are glad he did).

“I wanted to bring the event here because, I really feel Allen is on par with being a leader in North Texas. Allen Event Center is an ideal location for our fans with the convention hotel, retail shopping and restaurants all in walking distance of the venue. Our fans and stock contractors will be able to come in town, park their cars and not have to drive anywhere until they head home. It just fit and everyone we worked with was very accommodating.”

We can’t wait to welcome the Silvano Alves Challenge this summer. And, now that you’ve been brushed up on bull riding, we hope you’ll grab your tickets and your herd and head to Allen Event Center on August 6, 2017!