Public Art

Explore Public Art in Allen

Public art in Allen adds vibrancy and cultural richness to the our city. From local art and murals, to public art displays and arts festivals, Allen showcases art that you can explore as you enjoy your stay.

For Arts Lovers

Find Local Art in Allen

For art lovers, artists, and artiste’s themselves, The Allen Arts Alliance and Allen Arts Festival paints a vivid picture of Allen’s local talent. Hosted annually at Watters Creek Village, they’ve made a huge impact on bringing arts and culture from all over the area.

For those public art pieces that make for ‘gram worthy posts...

Stop by a few of Allen’s most popular public works of art like “75 Feet of Friendship” at Windridge Park. One of Allen’s newest public art displays, the painting, commissioned by artist Jondavid De Leonis, is 75’ in length x 1’ wide and was a collaboration between DeLeon and students from local schools who played a role in creating the wall. Or head over to Watters Creek Village where public art is on display in every area of the 52-acre shopping and dining destination. From the “Bull on the Green” to the “Colts at Upper Pond” and the many murals you’ll find along the shops, there is a spot for every art-lover to enjoy here.