Hike & Bike Trails

Hike & Bike Trails in Allen, TX

Hike, bike, jog or run along any of our scenic park trails. Allen has more than 80 miles of paved hike and bike trails and continues to develop a comprehensive city-wide trail system each year. Several segments of Allen’s trails have been developed to provide art, history, and engaging experiences such as Cottonwood Creek Trail and Historic Water Station Trail.

A Few of Our Most Popular Trails

Cottonwood Creek Trail 3-4 Miles / Concrete Trail
Best for: Biking, Skating, Walking, Wheelchair Accessible
Trail End Points: Ridgeview Rd. and Cottonwood Creek and Heritage Park

The northern section of the Cottonwood Creek Trail begins at Ridgeview Drive, just south of the Sam Rayburn Tollway. From there, this 3.4-mile section follows the tree-lined Cottonwood Creek south along residential neighborhoods. Shortly after crossing under US 75, the trail passes the Old Stone Dam, built in 1874 by the Houston and Texas Central Railway Company to provide water for steam locomotives. The final leg of this paved pathway traverses Allen Station Park, which offers athletic fields, a playground, skate park, BMX track and roller hockey rinks.


The Trail at the Woods 1.5 Miles / Mixed Terrain Trail
Best for: Biking, Walking
Trail End Points: Starts and Ends at Rollins Drive

The Trail at the Woods starts at Rollins Dr and heads west, then the trail begins to transition into an unpaved decomposed granite trail that meanders to the forest . The paved trail connects to West Rowlett Trail.


Watters Branch Creek Trail 4 Miles / Concrete Trail
Best for: Biking, Skating, Walking, Wheelchair Accessible
Trail End Points: The Montgomery at Watters Creek and Spirit Park

The Watters Branch Creek Trail travels through upscale neighborhoods and wooded riparian areas. The main segment begins at Ridgeview Drive near a parcel of undeveloped parkland and travels south more than 4 miles to Watters Creek Village. The sprawling 52-acre mixed-use complex offers a variety of shopping and dining options. The trail runs down to The Montgomery at Watters Creek apartments.

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