Come Grow With Us

On the Grow Again

Helping convention planners manage growth while maintaining a perfect scorecard is something we do best! Just ask the Lamb and Lion Ministries. For several years, this local non-denominational, independent ministry hosted the annual conference here in Allen. After outgrowing several local event venues and fielding numerous requests for streaming the conference online, planners turned to the Allen Convention and Visitors Bureau for help.
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Long List of Needs? No Problem For Us

We did what we do best by taking their list of needs and matching it to the perfect venue.
  • Seating for up to 900 people - check
  • Great sound and lighting suitable for broadcasting - check
  • Dressing rooms and a greenroom for speakers, musicians, and performers - check
  • Area for catered dinner and entertainment - check
The Performing Arts Center at Allen High School checked off all the boxes and then some as the site for the 2013 Lamb and Lion Ministries Annual Conference. The 1,500 seat venue features state-of-the-art lighting and sound, provides dressing rooms, a greenroom and a spacious commons area for catered dining and other types of activities. The venue perfectly suited an attendance of nearly 900 people along with providing broadcast quality event coverage that was streamed online to almost 900 more individuals worldwide.

The Perfect Fit

Besides the perfect place to meet, all that was left to secure were a few places to sleep. By a few, we mean 830 hotel rooms to be exact! With La Quinta Inn and Suites conveniently located just down the street from the Performing Arts Center, they served as the host hotel. Allen’s eight other great hotel brands secured blocks of rooms and we checked off the last item on the list!

Just what did conference planners have to say about their annual conference?
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“This year’s conference was A+! The venue was awesome, the speakers and musicians were amazing, and the Allen Convention and Visitors Bureau helped us to pull it all together,” said Rachel Houck, conference director.

Just like we said, we can place a growing conference in perfect check!