Planner Testimonials

Here What Our Planners Have to Say!

Allen hosts all kinds of events from concerts to national sports competitions. We love hearing from our planners about what they loved most when hosting their meeting or group in Allen. 

Here’s what they have to say! 

'Neath the Wreath

We are super excited to be in Allen, Texas. One of the great things about our new venue is it’s really allowed us to elevate the experience for our shoppers, our merchants, and our volunteers.

Kameha Con

When we were looking for a place to do the convention we decided that we needed to include the stay with the convention aspect. Allen’s perfect. I remember opening the door to the Watters Creek Convention Center)and was shocked that it was this large and this well-thought-out, especially for exhibitors. It screams ‘do a show here’.

Lone Star Warriors

We have 32 teams. That’s over 525 players. A lot of times these tournaments split us up into multiple rinks… We never get to see any of our other brothers. We never get to learn about what they are going through. What the Credit Union of Texas Event Center has done is allow us to make it happen all under one roof.”

Dallas Card Show

Watters Creek Convention Center is a beautiful place in Allen, TX. There’s a lot of shopping around the area and to have a mass convention in the local area, this is the perfect place. It has the square feet that we need, it has the hotel attached which vendors love, customers love, and the shopping across the street really helps bring in the traffic."

ESports Homestand Weekend

This was an incredible weekend on a number of levels.

Bison Nation Celebration

I wanted to sincerely pass on my appreciation! Our fans are still beyond amazed at how everything went; I still have not heard one negative comment - and trust me they like to talk! I am so happy that we decided to work with you and your staff and you definitely showed Bison Nation how an event is supposed to be run!

Maple Bros. Car Auction

The Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel and Convention Center was a great find for us. They’ve got a very large convention space with overhead doors, that allows us to move vehicles in and out. They’ve got a fantastic area for our guys to unload vehicles from their trailer and then when we can actually be on site in a hotel where our auction is being held, it makes it easier on everyone. The employees love it. The clients love it.